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Let GOOD RADIO be a true reflection of the culture generated in our time and space. We want to listen to all music generated in this region, and we believe that others do too. Why not have a station fully dedicated to the music that local musicians produce? Punk from 20 years ago, Folk from 50. Blue Grass from this year’s Strawberry Music Festival, Metal from last night’s show. It can all be on here, slammed together into one never ending playlist. It can be curated for hour long radio shows, played at business and events, both local and abroad. It’s the internet, man, why not use it. With the music that you upload to this website we will share a randomized play list comprised by all of the music that you populate it with. Once we get enough entries we can start to shape the our sound better, group by genres, create a specialized playlists, etc. They will all be found here and they will all be accessible to you. If you would like your music, comedy, poetry, noise, etc. to be considered for GOOD RADIO please fill out all fields below. All fields with an * are required.
  • (Examples: "Rock and Roll", "Spoken Word", "Rap")
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    Accepted file types: mp3.
    Upload MP3 files of at least 128kbps quality, please give the files good filenames that include the artist name and track title.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    Upload a GIF, JPG, or PNG. Please use the actual album art, if available. Otherwise, please use a band photo or logo.
    Don't have a web site? We can make a page on site to feature your band. If you already have a web site, this can be in addition to your regular band page. (sample band page)
  • Are you for hire? Are you disbanded? Any details about your band will be helpful. Who's in the band? What are your roots? How long have you been performing? Things like that...
    If you would like to have a band page on, this info would be nice.
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    By uploading your music to Good Radio you are consenting/agreeing with the following statements about the audio you are uploading: ٭ The audio file is your own creation and isn't encumbered by copyrights from other parties. ٭ You have legal permission to upload the audio file to be shared with the public ٭ You give GOOD RADIO and The Greater Good permission to stream your music on our website, KAAD-LP 103.5 radio station, other radio stations, podcasting sites, content delivery networks or any other venue for our radio program. * The Greater Good can feature and use your song during events hosted by The Greater Good or affiliated groups such as REVAMP, MotherLode Maker Labs, UTLTRN Design, Tuolumne County Arts Alliance and any of their affiliated websites (This event performance permission can be revoked at any time you wish).
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